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Steam Cleaning Tips & Hints

An Introduction to steam cleaning

Steam cleaners are not vacuum cleaners, and there is no suction involved.  The grime is blasted away using superheated dry steam and collected using a cotton cloth or microfibre pad.

Steam cleaning improves indoor air quality and protects your environment because no chemicals or detergents are used.

Monster steam cleaners have many uses throughout the home and garden including:

  • Windows, window frames, screens and mirrors
  • Cars, off road vehicles and boats
  • Curtains, drapes, blinds and mini blinds
  • Ceramic tiles and grout
  • Outdoor furniture, plastic, fibreglass
  • Indoor furniture, upholstery, natural and synthetic fabrics, leather, vinyl
  • Rugs, carpets, wood floors and almost any surface
  • Jewellery, watches, eyeglasses, tennis shoes
  • Mattresses, pillows
  • Steam clothes to eliminate wrinkles and cigarette smoke odour
  • Oven, fridge, stove, grill, freezer and almost any household or office appliance
  • Sinks, taps, showers, shower curtains, baths, porcelain and chrome
  • Work surface tops, cabinets, painted surfaces, wallpaper and panelling
  • Fast defrost for freezers and fridges

When you steam clean the Monster way you are using a unique and versatile ecological cleaning system.  It is not a vacuum, nor a wet and dry cleaner.  Using only ordinary tap water, it cleans and disinfects with scouring jets of superheated dry steam instead of harsh chemicals and detergents that endanger the health of our children, family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, employees, customers, pets and the environment.

Who says you need harsh chemicals and detergents to clean and disinfect your environment.  Temperature, pressure and dry steam will do the trick.  Monster steam cleaners save using costly and harmful cleaning products and they are compact, manoeuvrable and easy to use.

Normal tap water heated to 120°–130°C, generates superheated dry steam instantly and kills bacteria, viruses, moulds, fungi, mildew, dust mites, fleas, flea eggs and all other contaminants.  Use it on your mattress, pillows, curtains, and furniture and watch the original fabric colours resurface as the years of dust and chemical residue are lifted away.

It exterminates germs and bacteria in all corners of your bathroom, eliminating odours and leaving it all perfectly clean.  Mildew is lifted off shower curtains, and soap scum is eliminated from sinks and baths.  You can blast jets of superheated dry steam into the gaps between your tiles that used to take so long to clean.  In seconds, the dry steaming jets blast away all bacteria, mildew, and soap scum.  In its stead you are left with spotless grout, that you didn't have to scrub!

Conventional and Microwave ovens, stoves and other appliances, left unclean for short periods, can form stubborn deposits of fat and grease.  A  Monster steam cleaners remove it all with jets of superheated dry steam, leaving the appliance free of contamination caused by detergents

Put away that blue chemical spray that you have been inhaling every time you clean a window or mirror.  Steam cleaning will pull off years of chemical residue and dust with dry steam. Your windows will be so clean they almost look invisible Just take care not to walk into them!

No cleaning system is better for allergy sufferers or for the chemically sensitive.  For those unfortunate enough to suffer the sneezing frenzies caused by dust mites, chemical fumes, and animal hair, there is hope!  Monster steam cleaners kill dust mites, remove aggravating chemical residue and lift away all animal hair with clean blasts of super heated dry steam.

After cleaning and disinfecting your environment you will detect a pleasant absence–for the first time ever your environment smells truly fresh and clean, not polluted with the cloaking scents of "cleaning agents".  For the allergy sufferer, this means comprehensive allergen removal throughout the environment.   For the chemically sensitive, it means a completely clean and sanitary environment is now possible with no side effects.

This is excellent for asthma suffers because this means improved indoor air quality and caring for the environment at the same time.

Wood, Vinyl and Marble Floors

Use the floor brush with a cotton cloth attached. Move the brush across the floor as if you are mopping. When the cloth is soiled, you can turn it over or replace it with a clean cloth. If you are working on a very dirty area, you can move the brush over the area slowly, several times. If it is a wood floor, move fast to avoid heat or moisture build-up in the wood.

NOTE: Unsealed wood floors i.e. unpainted or unvarnished wood should not be steam cleaned.

By cleaning with the cloth over the brush, you will not affect the shine on the floor.

To Strip off Wax Polish:: Use floor brush for open areas; small brush or detail brush for corners or tight areas–no cloth, slow strokes. Work a small area at a time – removing the emulsified wax polish from the floor.  When all of the wax polish has been stripped, immediately clean the floor and brushes with water before residue has a chance to harden on them.  Go back over the stripped area with the floor brush with a cloth to remove any remaining residue before re-polishing.

Polished Floors: Wrap clean cloth around the floor brush, brush quickly. This will cause the dirt to be removed but not the wax.

Vinyl Floors:Do not allow heat to build-up in any kind of vinyl, since it can soften it enough to affect its texture.  Work fast on vinyl.

Ceramic Tile Floors:Use the detail nozzle with the detail brush attached to an extension. Have the floor brush with cloth attached ready as well.  Clean the grout between the tiles with the detail brush. Remove the detail brush and attach the floor brush, move the brush across the floor to clean the tiles and remove excess moisture and residue. For areas of tile that are very dirty, remove the cloth and agitate  with the brush. Do not let the area dry before you wipe it up.

Spot Cleaning (Carpets):Use the detail nozzle with or without the detail brush. Move slowly over the soiled area, allowing the steam to penetrate.  Agitate with detail brush or clean towel. Dab the spot with the towel (do not rub).  Repeat as necessary to remove stain.  Vacuum after the carpet has completely dried.  Always test color fastness of carpet in an inconspicuous area before cleaning. If your Steam cleaner fails to remove stubborn stains a commercially available carpet shampoo may be required.

DO NOT add cleaning solutions, scented perfumes, oils or any other chemicals to the water used in the appliance as this will damage the unit and may make it unsafe for use.

Vertical Steaming

A monster steam cleaner is excellent for removing wrinkles from fabrics.  Simply steam the surface from a short distance.  The dry steam removes wrinkles without leaving the fabric wet like ordinary fabric steamers do.  Use the detail nozzle, or the optional clothes brush.

Curtains can be steamed vertically insitu and clothing can be hung on a coat hanger for vertical steaming.

Artificial Plants

Use the detail nozzle without a brush attached to blow off the dust and dirt.

Nicotine and Tar

Nicotine and tar dissolves at high temperatures and becomes a light yellow oil that has the consistency of sewing machine oil.  When the nicotine/tar film is touched by a hot cotton cloth clipped over the floor brush, it immediately dissolves and flows into the cloth.  You can remove it from flat surfaces as fast as you can move the brush over the surface.

Removing Wax, Tar, Chewing Gum Etc.

Many stains are only stuck on the surface of materials and can be easily and quickly removed by blowing excess material away from the surface from the side.  This is accomplished by using the detail nozzle.  Make the cotton cloth into a wad and hold it to the side to catch the loose residue as is blown away by the nozzle.


When cleaning the oven, use the detail brush to clean around the elements and drip trays.  Use the detail nozzle and brush for cracks, crevices, and hard to reach areas.

NOTE: If your oven has a long term build up of baked-on deposits it could be necessary to use a proprietary chemical oven cleaner before regular cleaning with the steam cleaner.


Monster steam cleaners have many uses that have not been mentioned here. This was meant only to give you a general idea of what can be achieved. However, the ways in which to use the attachments and brushes are in most cases universal.

It is most helpful to always have a terry cloth towel or paper towel ready to use for removal of moisture and residue.  100% white cotton towels work best.  Wipe immediately before the cleaned area dries.

You can clean the brushes with your steam cleaner.  To clean the floor brush or small brush, hold at one end and use the detail nozzle to simply blow off dirt into the dustbin.  When cleaning the detail brush, use a pair of pliers to hold and blow dirt as above. Alternatively place in the basket of your dishwasher.

General Steam Cleaning Hints and Suggestions

Following is a series of suggestions and hints for steam cleaning.  This will give you a general idea of what can be achieved, but it is by no means a comprehensive list.

Indexed Links in alphabetical order


Use the floor brush attached directly to the steam gun with a clean white cotton cloth. Use fast, light strokes, and avoid getting the fabric wet.  Be patient with stubborn spots; work on a spot gently for no more than a minute at a time, then wait five minutes for the area to dry and repeat.   Use circular movements or back-and-forth and side-to-side movements to get all sides of surface fibres.  Finish by brushing in one direction to give the fabric a uniform appearance.

CAUTION: Always determine the colour-fastness of any fabric-especially with reds or blues–by taking a clean, moist, warm towel and gently rubbing a small area as far down on the back or other out of the way place on the furniture as possible.  If colour comes off on the towel, you may need to have the item dry cleaned.

NOTE: Piled fabics like velvet may not be suitable for steam cleaning.  In particular Draylon® should never be steam cleaned.

Windows, Glass Surfaces and Mirrors

Use the Window Cleaner.  Work with the steam jet on, using the top to bottom movements.  Use the squeegee with the steam off to clear the water from the glass.  To do this without leaving streaks, use lateral movements from the top to the bottom of the surface.

Fiberglass or Stainless Steel Surfaces

Use the floor brush, small brush or detail brush.  Slowly move the brush over the surface to be cleaned.  The steam will emulsify the dirt and grease on the surface.  Follow behind with a cotton cloth over the brush to remove excess moisture and residue.

Tip:An old idea for polishing stainless steel is to wipe it down with soda water after it is cleaned.

Soap Scum

Soap scum dissolves almost immediately under a combination of heat and moisture.  Rinse the surface with a small amount of water afterwards or go back over it once more with a clean cotton cloth.

Note: Soap scum will sometimes develop a hard surface from waterborne minerals.  If this is the case, use the floor brush with no cloth first to break up this surface–or spray or wipe first with lemon, vinegar or soda water to soften the minerals.  Moving too slowly can dry out the soap scum and cause it to granulate on the surface.  The surface will have a gritty feel. If this happens, apply steam to the surface with the open brush again and re-clean.

Garden Furniture

Use any of the brushes depending on the surface area.  Work quickly when cleaning resin outdoor furniture.


Use the detail brush to clean blinds.  Move the brush over the surface, allowing enough time for the steam to penetrate.  Work quickly on PVC blinds.  Test for colour fastness on fabric blinds before using.

Bathroom Areas

To clean the bath or shower area, use the detail brush for grout, shower door tracks, hard to get areas and heavily soiled areas.  The window cleaner will be the most efficient way to clean the rest of the area. Allow plenty of time for the heat to penetrate the surface.  This is especially helpful in the shower area if there is tile or grout.  Removal of soap scum on tile, grout, and shower doors is also easier with a monster steam cleaner.

To clean sanitary fixtures, use the detail nozzle with or without the detail brush.  Use a cotton cloth, a microfibre cloth or a terry towel to wipe up the moisture and dislodged grime.  Use the detail brush to clean the sink and taps.

Exterior Areas

To clean inside your car, use the floor brush or small brush with the cotton cloth attached to clean upholstery and interior areas just as in the home.  You should not expose the bristles to leather –only use the brush with the cotton cloth attached.

For detailing the wheels, use the detail nozzle and the detail brush.

Car windows are cleaned best by applying the steam with the detail nozzle and wiping with a paper towel.

To clean bicycles, use the detail brush and detail nozzle.

To clean garden equipment, use the detail brush or the small brush depending on the surface area.

Refrigerator & Freezer

Use the detail nozzle to blow away dirt in the ice machine and on door seals.  The steam will not dry out or crack the seals as chemicals often do.

Microwaves & Other Small Appliances

Use the detail brush and detail nozzle for small areas.  The small brush or floorbrush with a cotton cloth attached are best for exterior areas

NOTE: When cleaning small electrical appliances always unplug them from the wall socket before cleaning.

Can Openers & other Kitchen Equipment

These can be easily cleaned with the detail brush on the nozzle to get into all the nooks and crannies.  Hold the can opener over the sink and blast the grime away.

Kitchen Work Surfaces

Use the floor brush without extension tubes, or the small brush; with a cotton cloth attached.  For heavily soiled areas, use the brush without the cloth first in order to loosen the debris, then follow with a cloth attached to finish.

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