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Sicuro Heat Shield

Thermo Rubber Safety Iron Cover

Sicuro Heat shield protects from hot irons

Safer Handling

Fits most domestic irons

  • A protective shield to cover the hot soleplate
  • Put the iron away safely - no need to wait for the iron to cool
  • Prevents accidental touching if the iron is left unsupervised
  • Store the hot iron immediately - face down or stood on end
  • Fits virtually all standard irons

List Price £14.95

Including VAT

Sicuro Heat Shield
Sicuro Pro Heat Shield

Sicuro Pro Model fits Euroflex professional style irons

Easy to fit in seconds

Sicuro Heat Shield - Fitting to a Domestic Iron 1 Slip Iron into Sicuro

Sicuro Heat Shield - Fitting to a Domestic Iron 2

Sicuro Heat Shield - Fitted to a Domestic Iron Connect adjustable strap

Sometimes just being careful is not enough.

The home is a dangerous place.  It is where most accidents happen.

Ironing is one of the domestic activities providing the most opportunities for accidents.

A hot Iron can stay dangerously hot for up to 20 minutes after it is switched off. During this time children, pets or other adults who do not realise that the iron is hot could accidentally touch it, causing painful and serious burns.

If an un-shielded iron is put away hot it could scorch paintwork, wood or plastic shelves and drawers.

The Sicuro Heat Shield minimises the risk when leaving a hot iron unsupervised.  Its high tec thermo-rubber construction forms a barrier to dissipate heat slowly, so the outer rubber is only warm to touch, and the iron can be handled or stored away immediately.

When the telephone rings or someone is at the door, switch off the Iron, slip on the Sicuro and your iron is safe from the accidental touch of tiny hands.

There is no need to leave your hot iron on the window sill or work surface to cool down, with Sicuro fitted it can be put away as soon as you finish ironing.

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