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Address and Telephone Numbers


Web Stuff

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Address & Phone

  • Know the address but not the post code?
  • Know the post code but not the address?
  • Find telephone numbers
  • Find telephone STD code locations

Convert & Translate

  • Currency Conversion
  • Weight, volume, length and temperature
  • Convert Colours
  • Convert file types
  • Convert any printable file to pdf

Web stuff

  • A selection of alternative web browsers
  • A powerful email client
  • Professional web site design
  • Low cost web site hosting
  • Broadband speed checker
  • Useful free programs

Fun & Whimsy


The links on this page are all to web sites that we have found to be informative, useful or entertaining.  We are not responsible for their content and can give no guarantee that they will entertain you or meet your requirements.

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