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How SuperClean Cleaners Work

This example shows the 1200 Superclean

Monster 1200 SuperClean cutaway to show workings

A Separate Tank For The Sanitiser

Never Put The Clean Blast AntiBak Into The Boiler

Monster SuperClean Cleaners have a boiler where high pressure steam is generated and also a separate tank which holds the sanitiser solution Clean Blast AntiBak.

SuperClean cleaners use a patented process based on the Venturi effect to inject Clean Blast AntiBak into the steam stream. This mixer system is designed so that a measured amount of the sanitising solution is added to the steam where it is atomised, turning the steam into a sanitising fog which then thinly deposits the Clean Blast AntiBak onto the surface being cleaned.

Testing has shown this to be a most efficient way of dustributing the biocide, as it is distributed evenly and because it is vapourised within the steam it reaches areas which would be difficult to treat using a cloth or mop and bucket. For example inside sliding shower door tracks, window and door hinges and any uneven surface with "nooks and crannies". It also leaves the surface relatively dry, and is a very effective way of applying Clean Blast AntiBak to carpeting and upholstery.

SuperClean Cleaners, unlike ordinary steam cleaners kill germs quickly and easily. SuperClean's sanitising fog is effective at killing germs and viruses when sprayed from 50cms (2 feet) away. With ordinary steam cleaners to kill germs you have to hold the nozzle in close contact with the item being cleaned and move very slowly holding the cleaner in place for at least 40 seconds before moving on.

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Easy To Use Controls

Monster SC60 SuperClean uses this steam gun

The Steamgun used by SC60 SuperClean

Slide the button forward to increase the volume of steam emitted and inject Clean Blast AntiBak into the steam.

Monster 1200 SuperClean sanitiser control

Monster 1200's sanitiser control button

Slide the button downward to inject Clean Blast AntiBak into the steam.

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SuperClean - Total Hygiene that lasts 7 days.