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Household Appliances From Euroflex


Euroflex in the UK and Ireland

Based in Southampton, England, Ambra Direct Limited is the UK marketing and distribution company for Euroflex srl. Trading as Euroflex UK and distributing Monster household appliances in the United Kingdom and Ireland.


Euroflex SRL

The Head Office of Euroflex Worldwide

Euroflex is a young company with a fast track approach to research based innovation and product development.

The company has grown by innovation and acquisition to become one of the worlds top 3 manufacturers of domestic steam appliances.

From the manufacturing base in Italy Euroflex markets a large range of household appliances worldwide including; steam cleaners, superclean cleaners, vacuum cleaners, steam vacuums, ironing systems and active ironing boards.

The head office is in Susegana just North of Venice in the Treviso region of Italy, and Euroflex has distribution companies throughout the world.


Mission Statement

Euroflex Making Housework Revolutionarily Simple Logo

We are committed to achieving a revolution in household chores.

We know that household chores cannot be avoided but we believe that if doing them can be made easy and quick then they will get done better, because they will be less tiring and boring.

We are designers who understand the practicalities of household chores.  For us less is more and simpler is better, so we design the most efficient appliances focussing on achieving the best results in the easiest way.

Every Euroflex appliance looks stylish, is easy to use, and cuts down on the time that it takes to do chores.

We see ourselves as the friendly revolutionary - everything we make is revolutionarily simple.

We take the hard work and boredom out of household chores

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